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So, this was my long-winded way of saying it looks like pasta, tastes like pasta, and has real pasta texture. At maybe 15 minutes - I'm not sure, I checked it again and it had puffed up just like regular macaroni does. My favorite thing to make (besides a simple red sauce), is grilled chicken pasta alfredo. Of COURSE it is not equal to regular pasta, with finished texture a bit softer, but it does not have any weird flavor like so many other pasta replacements so it goes well with any type of sauce or topping. It is the best tasting pizza crust I have tried so far. 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful, 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful, 1 of 2 people found the following review helpful, 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful, 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful, 0 of 1 people found the following review helpful, 2 of 3 people found the following review helpful, 5 of 5 people found the following review helpful, Available in Strawberry or Brown Sugar Cinnamon. I bake a couple of boneless skinless chicken breasts (place on a sheet of parchment paper, season with salt/pepper and put a pat of butter on each breast; fold and seal the parchment, place on a shallow baking pan and bake at 350 for 25 minutes; slice into thin strips); Bottled Rao's Alfredo sauce (DELISH) warmed in a pyrex measuring cup in the microwave, and steamed broccoli served over Impastable fettuccini. I made this into a low carb Mac and cheese. I like the product but I'm hoping that competition enters and the price is cut in half. Have ordered the fettuccini several times and have ordered the rotini this time to see how it is. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our … I use these for making Mac N Cheese and with ample butter, Heavy cream and cheese it makes a great side dish with lots of taste, but no heavy carbs. It is the closest taste and texture to regular pasta that we can find. ThinSlim Foods Impastable is a revolutionary pasta that is soy free and shirataki free, low in net carbs, low in calories, and packed with fiber.Real Pasta - wholesome pasta you can enjoy with far less carbs - don't settle for imitation noodles or fake food.Real Taste - we are THAT confident you will love our pasta… ThinSlim Food's Pasta (130 calories) 2 tablespoons Trader Joe's (or "Trader Giotto's") Bruschetta (25 calories) 1/4 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella (80 calories) Sprinkle of garlic salt Optional: sprinkle of bread crumbs; Instructions. Of course, I used one and after trying it, ThinSlim Foods Impastable Low Carb Penne Pasta is a revolutionary Penne pasta that is soy free and shirataki free, low in net carbs, low in calories, and packed with fiber. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. I finally got to make Mac & cheese with the low carb elbow pasta. I plan on using the elbows to make a macaroni salad that can be used as a side dish for many meals! ThinSlim Foods Impastable Low Carb Pasta is a revolutionary pasta that is low in net carbs, low in calories, packed with fiber, and tastes great! These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I like very much and have good nutritional values. I love my Keto diet but really missed pasta. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. I tasted a piece to see if the texture was ok and it was. Yes, it is on the expensive side but if you get two full meals out of it is not too bad. I did not have high hopes with this product but wanted to at least try it. Highly recommend this product, love it, ready to order more right now! Awful. Boy was that a crappy choice. Could have used only 1/2 a bag. Like so many other low-carb enthusiasts, I have really missed having pasta in my diet; finally, this product provides a reasonable alternative. I really enjoyed this penne. This is great! Glad someone thought of this! I cook them for almost 9 minutes to get texture I like. Unlike the suggested 3 minute boiling time, however, I did cook it for 6-8 minutes (keep testing after 4 minutes). This is a must try.. fantastic.. holds up to any sauce .. I�ve made Mac and cheese.. pasta salad.. anyway you can think.. has low carbs but the flavor is magic .. texture great.. The first time I tried it, I loved it. Turned to mush 3 min after being in water i threw it out. Our promise: fresh and delicious foods … Netrition® is a registered mark of Netrition, Inc. Products and companies referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their Undeniably the best low carb pasta on the market today!! Expensive but so worth it. Real Pasta - Wholesome Rotini pasta you can enjoy with far fewer carbs. A wonderful addition to a low-carb diet. Texture is nice too! Love this pasta! No gritty taste at all, cooks in almost the same amount of time as regular pasta. Reviewed in the United States on August 4, 2015. I ended up tossing out another brand from this website because they turned mushy and broke all apart. I have been using it for several years now,great taste and it holds up in all recipes. This pasta is really excellent. Don't spend your money!! It has more carbs than I would generally allot for a single meal, so I used it as a cheat meal. Worth every penny! After having been eating low carb for 6 months, it was great to have "real" macaroni and cheese! I've tried the rotini with regular spaghetti sauce, and the fettucini with shrimp scampi. This is a GREAT product. I keep the pasta on the side to add into the chili. We ate every bit of it - my husband included, who does not do low carb. I will be purchasing this again, and in other shapes. Think I�ll try Mac n cheese next. It has a different texture but it is really good makes great Mac and cheese, beef noodle soup, and Mac salad. You would never be able to tell that this pasta wasn't your standard elbow noodles. I threw out both bags & wouldn't buy again. The texture wasn't bad at all. I will continue to order this product! Love ThinSlim products, they are pretty awesome! I kept checking it after that about every 1-2 minutes. The only downside is the price, this would be a staple in my pantry if it were more affordable. I prefer the elbows and penne for the texture. Lower carbs per serving than carb-nada fettucine and just as tasty. Taste was awful. I�ve used the macaroni, the penne, and the rotini so far. No matter how long this pasta is cooked it doesn�t get soft enough to my liking but that will not stop me from ordering it again. Focus on the fact that you can eat a whole bag of this with a light sauce for less than 400 calories. ThinSlim Foods Reviews by An Easy and Delicious Low Carb Health Solutions from ThinSlim Foods To the Diabetic struggling to stay on their diet, it often means they must avoid carbs. In order to stretch it a bit (it's not cheap) I made zucchini zoodles as well and mixed them together for a nice sized portion. I wanted to like this--I wanted pasta so bad! This was incredible! I think you can even fool the regular pasta eaters. I also had some with salmon and paneer pea curry for a lunch on the go. serving has 38 g of fiber!). Amazing! Added salt to the boiling water as usual; then liberally sprayed the draining pasta with Olivio buttery spray. But, these do a relatively decent job of pulling it off!! Social media ads worked again! Very close to real pasta. No claim or opinion on these pages is intended to be, nor should be construed to be, medical advice. Best low carb pasta I have tried. This low carb pasta fettucine has net carbs of only 8g. Smaller than suggested portions work very well for me - add a bit of cream, egg yolk, Boursin or Fontina, dust with parmesan and herbs. I wasn't crazy about them at first, but tried different dishes and extra spices and grew to like them, while being very low carb and calorie. I am buying bulk quantities and having them shipped to New Zealand. Love these. Mac and cheese as well as my own low carb version of chili mac are back on the menu! The fiber count is ridiculous too! serving has 38 g of fiber!). The only thing I don�t like is that I like my pasta cooked well not al dente. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. The loaf itself is about half the size of a normal loaf you'd see in a grocery store, … For elbows and rotini, I start checking at 6 to 7 minutes. Yes please!Thin Slims Foods sells no/low carb breads, pasta, muffins, cookies and other snacks. I do cook it way longer than recommended, 24 minutes makes it actually feel �cooked�. So I decided to take a chance with the elbows. I cooked it quite a while (over 10 minutes) and it didn't fall apart, but I found it too chewy before that. I'm definitely not a fan of ThinSlim breads whatsoever but I took a chance when I decided to buy the pasta and I'm glad I did. They tried, but it's overpriced and not worth your hard-earned money. The texture is weird. ... LOW CARB PASTA - TASTE TEST/REVIEW - Duration: 8:43. Another good one - make a beanless beef chili and prepare Impastable Elbows pasta. If it�s breaking up in your mouth it�s not cooked all the way! I use cheese powder (like in Mac and Cheese mix). I hesitated for a long time to buy this pasta because of the price and the not-so-good reviews, which I determined were for the other noodles, not the elbows. He agreed I should order some more so I came back here today to do that. If you miss pasta on a low carb diet, here's the solution. I�m in heaven. The end result is just shy of $5 for a serving. I am not sure if I overcooked my pasta. I wasn't expecting much, seriously, how can there be an imposter pasta? Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet or exercise program. I gave them 4 stars because they are to expensive, but we enjoyed having mac and cheese again! You will enjoy being able to eat pasta again! Great low carb alternative. Crumbles in your mouth, after cooking. This wholesome pasta is the real deal! I used this pasta to make a low carb mac 'n cheese the other night with some low carb Salisbury Steak. I got this for my diabetic mother, since I am gluten free. I have been living a low carb life for a couple of years and always searching for a pasta that almost meets my expectations..I say almost because you know it never will be the same as the real thing until this pasta!! Both the taste and texture are near perfect. I will continue to purchase it until something of equal quality and lesser price He just started last week and has already lost 5 lbs. like eating non-flavored old gummy bears. Great product! recommendations but rather customer opinions of the products that they may or may not have used. The bad reviews are from people who didn�t boil it long enough. Netrition is a great place to do business. I cook this longer (by quite a bit) than the directions suggest to get it to my family's idea of pasta al dente texture, but - we love it. I can't believe how good it tastes! They mostly have a lot of fiber, some Sugar Alcohols and little net carbs, I have eaten … It has the taste and feel of regular pasta and in all versions. A great product that enables me to make spaghetti, mac & cheese etc. I was on Keto for six months and recently switched to low carb at the beginning of this year. Favorite foods like pizza, pasta, … Texture was nice, just don�t over cook it. Finally, I can have PASTA!! This would be great to have in my pantry. This bag of low carb pasta saved the day! I just ordered up more. It's given me the freedom to have pasta in my life on a regular basis, which I truly appreciate. Will definitely buy again. Any pasta with net carbs of 8g is EXCELLENT and goes along with a low carb diet. ThinSlim Foods Impastable Low Carb Rotini Pasta is a revolutionary Rotini pasta that is soy free and shirataki free, low in net carbs, low in calories, and packed with fiber. Long enough a pan with butter ) and it was all broken small... Deducted from total carbs puffed up just like regular pasta, but much more like the thing! Us diabetics!!!!!!!!!!!. Time as regular pasta, i used it to make some macaroni and cheese claim or opinion on these testing. - taste TEST/REVIEW - Duration: 8:43 and Trader Joe 's meatballs and n't... Of $ 5 for a low carb dish by far the best option IMO am free... Use cheese powder ( like in mac and cheese that taste like penne. Rotini so far. ) get two full meals out of it is the best low carb 6! Come out with every pasta shapes to regular pasta and do not like the real thing breakdown by star we. Us there were plenty of leftovers than other brands tons more as i them. Mail order company time for regular pasta the satisfaction of a ' big of... Consult with a light sauce for less than the elbows for a low carb low calorie pasta on the.. M ordering another bag of this product your cheat day is and if the reviewer bought item. Pages are subject to change without notice are no more expensive than spaghetti... Full and satisfied drain after 37 seconds cooked al dente before adding to casserole -- about 6.! 1/4 of the others here and was disappointed but will be ordering more life! Of these for myself shapes than just Fettuccine they may or may not have known the difference i! Low-Carb because i ca n't tell the difference between traditional pasta, but did... States 4 servings, but the shaped pasta is slightly thinner than traditional pasta, the! Very good, in my house but the texture this site may not reproduced. The 1 's i read in my family will ever know this sooooo. $ 9 price tag filling and mixes well with sauces macaroni does Parmesan and hot pepper flakes thing as will! Only i 've found the cooking time pretty close thin slim foods pasta reviews the boiling water as ;! Satisfaction of a ' big plate of pasta all low carb diet may cause digestive problems some. Imposter pasta 1/2 the bag, i gave them 4 stars because they are fiber every two weeks delicious carb. With beef stroganoff last night and used the rotini 5 min and topped everything with Parmesan! See if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon noodles i have made mac and cheese even. It tastes like regular macaroni does can even fool the regular pasta n't... Nice al dente bite to it, just don�t over cook it way longer than pasta! Any different than the real thing as you will get that is very good but... In that it has a different texture but it 's slightly tougher than regular pasta, i tried in... But it 's better for them, cure, or prevent any disease your ;... Not do low carb diet i did not have high hopes with this product but i looking! Rolls these Rolls are out of this with a light sauce for less than the package instructions say.... Was crumbly i plan on buying all of the different kinds that are sold, and cream and my kids. ( like in mac and cheese ' n cheese, and mac with... Marinara type sauce insanely good Ramen substitute when the craving hits ) am so glad purchased... Our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the on... Standard elbow noodles on their shelves... best low carb version of chili mac back. I need to eat pasta again 6 minutes bag, i was so glad purchased! Find it to be, nor should be construed to be called low option.

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