4x4 driving in iceland

It’s a good idea to take a look at a detailed map of the country before you commit to a particular vehicle. Read our tips on 4×4 driving through the highlands of Iceland before you go. At about $2 USD per liter ($7.50 USD per gallon), gas for your road trip is going to be expensive (you can see current gas prices here). Clear snow away from your tires, using a shovel or hands and feet. If you do choose to camp outside designated areas, please follow the rules above, and leave no trace of your presence behind — so Iceland stays beautiful for locals and future travelers. Did you know that 54% of Icelanders believe in elves or the possibility they exist? Blue Car Rental has a great selection of 4x4 rental cars. Are you planning a road trip there? Chances are you won’t have to dodge falling lava, but you can have the adventure of driving on lava fields in a 4x4 hired from Reykjavik. So if you’re wondering “Iceland car rental: 4x4 or 2WD?”, the answer is 4WD if you plan on driving on F-roads. But the real downside is the damage he made on the very delicate nature of Iceland. When driving through heavy snow, try to stay inside the tire tracks. To become a good 4×4 driver it is good to know some basic guidelines and keep them in mind when operating such a vehicle. I hope you enjoyed my guide to driving in Iceland! This volcano has erupted 20 times in recorded history, most recently in 2000. I have some experience driving off-road and I know that a "normal" car cannot go through some f-roads I've seen in pictures. Do you want to carve your way across the Icelandic highlands like a Nordic explorer? If you plan to explore Iceland’s back roads at any point, you’ll want one of these four-wheel-drive bad boys. Many car rental companies in Iceland will try to up-sell you a GPS device for your road trip. Allow 8 to 10 hours for the whole day trip including the drive to Askja Caldera, hiking to Viti Crater and driving back again. ), these are only open for a few brief months in the summer. And not just any 4x4 either: you’re going to need a high clearance model such as a Toyota Land Cruiser to cope with the worst of those potholed and uneven surfaces. Iceland will always hold a special place in my heart as an adventure traveler. While driving Iceland’s remote & rugged F-Roads is not technically driving off-road, basically you need to think of them as exactly that. So severe, that 70mph wind gusts have been known to blow open car doors backward, bending the hinges or ripping them off completely! You don’t need a “superjeep” or large 4X4 SUV for driving in Iceland in winter. The Rise of 4x4 Campers in Iceland. A 4x4 vehicle is essential in the highlands, where you might encounter rough terrain and unbridged waters. ... Get our tips on driving in Iceland in any season and get the car that suits the conditions. Avoid protected areas. You do not need a 4x4 on "normal" roads. If you have a craving for some off-the-beaten-path adventure, then a 4x4 is definitely necessary for driving on any of Iceland’s mountain F-roads. What kind of roads will I encounter in Iceland? And besides, how do you expect to hunt for elves or the incredible northern lights from your hotel room in Reykjavik? The highland roads are closed in winter times and weather sometimes causes other roads to be closed as well. The opening of F-roads is determined by the amount of snow cover on the roads and how much damage the roads have taken during the winter months. You can travel for miles without seeing any other cars. These nondescript boxes on the side of the road record your speed and take a photo if you’re driving over the limit, resulting in a steep fine. The type of roads you’ll find does vary from place to place. Due to weather conditions and safety, F-roads are not open all year round. They bisect. But the nature can be unpredictable, tricky and requires caution and respect. Experience Iceland in a campervan made for the journey. Campervans come in both 2WD and 4WD varieties, which is especially important for driving Iceland in the winter. Documented by the British TV show “Top Gear,” a unique adventure in Iceland is driving up close to an active volcano. This lowers the amount you’ll be liable for in the end should damage occur to the vehicle. This is the one I pack with me for international road trips. Even if it takes you an extra 10 minutes. It’s also well documented that 4x4 rentals in Iceland are recommended during the winter months for the added safety of driving in wintry conditions. A tricked-out Land Rover or Super Jeep could set you back $400+ per day. With the guidance of professional guides, on modified 4x4 jeeps they'll help you drive across the extreme terrain. Four … Drive slowly, and carefully move over to the edge when passing oncoming traffic. You won’t see too many police cars on the roads driving around Iceland. It’s also well documented that 4x4 rentals in Iceland are recommended during the winter months for the added safety of driving in wintry conditions. Leave as early as possible. Driving with a cellphone in your hand is illegal unless you are using a hands-free device. Renting a car in Iceland from Keflavík International Airport is the most obvious choice, as that’s where most people land to start their Icelandic road trip. Do you know how to get yourself out? STUDDED WINTER TIRES But driving a 4×4 is a challenging task and requires full consentration and caution. He had to pay over 2000 US dollars in fines. This shorter route is a great day trip from Reykjavik if you don’t have much time (like during a layover). Always fill your gas tank when possible, especially in the winter. Know where your vehicle’s “water line” is (maximum depth). Try to watch someone else go first. Crack your window first, and stick your hand out to test wind strength, then slowly open the door with two hands. Perhaps you might need to consider booking a tour instead so that a local driver can take on the challenge for you. It’s a good idea to take a look at a detailed map of the country before you commit to a particular vehicle. Driving around Iceland with the freedom to stop anywhere interesting you find on your road trip. Hopefully you found it useful. As the day heats up, the river gets more powerful/deeper. Driving in Iceland. Scandinavian Travel Services ehf. Getting your rental car stuck in the snow or ice is a very real possibility during winter in Iceland. So the same kind of safety concerns apply. Liked To Death: Is Instagram & Social Media Ruining Travel? Sometimes people confuse the two. Iceland has a lot of sheep. Fire up the grill, baby! It is therefore very important to get acquainted with how to drive in this country. A self-drive tour is a fantastic way to experience Iceland´s natural wonders at a flexible pace, from geysers to glaciers and everything in between. That doesn’t mean you have to stick rigidly to it, of course, but whether you are intending to drive on F roads, or find yourself on the occasional gravel road, is going to be important to your safety. These specially designated dirt mountain roads wind through Iceland’s rugged interior highlands. We would recommend hiring a 4-wheel drive vehicle that has good winter tires. At least 75 % of all accidents and mishaps with rental cars are in a 4X4 SUV. There's more boot space in the Duster than in a Nissan Qashqai – and this 475-litre load bay expands to 1,636 litres when you fold the rear seats. I'm also a member of other affiliate programs. It is illegal to spent the night in tent trailers, tent campers, caravans, camper van or similar outside organized campsites or urban areas unless the landowner or rightsholder has given their permission.”. ★. That said, you’ll want to be sure about what kind of roads can expect to be driving on and also how much grip you’re going to require. During the winter months in Iceland, driving brings its own set of challenges due to seasonal road conditions and ever-changing weather. The roads are good around the populated areas on the coast, and the ring road around the island makes it easy to get around. True exploration, with no set schedule or timetable. Your Iceland road trip will be an excellent opportunity to explore and make great memories, so stay safe and enjoy the ride. You’ll find plenty of gas stations on the Ring Road until you reach the more remote Eastern and Northern parts of the country, where they start to thin out. Another important safety law for driving in Iceland is that wearing your seatbelt is required. Without gas to keep it running (and warm), things get dangerous quickly. When the tires are deflated, they get a larger contact area, which gives them more grip and flotation. or the smallest cheap car would do?. Those flyers have some useful information about driving on highland roads, driving on unpaved roads, and driving in winter. To rent a 4x4 small car is about 740 € (2 weeks) vs a small compact that is just 260 €. But in rural areas, you might find that this asphalt gives way to a rougher surface. Don’t assume you can handle driving through an Icelandic snowstorm just because you grew up in New England, because the weather can be VERY different here. Type of car (we offer more than 15 different types of cars) 4. The minimum age to rent a passenger car in Iceland is 20 years old for insurance and safety reasons. However, Iceland does enforce its speed limit with camera traps. Because of government restrictions (and common sense! Snæfellsness . They will usually close around mid to late September. Planning a trip to Iceland, but not sure when to go? Please be respectful of everyone else driving in Iceland. Passenger cars and 2wd vehicles are strictly forbidden on roads that are marked with an F on public maps. Car rental companies typically offer various levels of a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), which isn’t exactly insurance. Number of people traveling together 3. Do not camp close to farms without permission. There are several factors that determine the price: 1. You never know when it will come in handy. https://www.travelwithfoldbjerg.com/renting-a-4x4-car-and-driving-in-iceland The law is simple, you are not allowed to drive off road unless its clearly marked. Established in 2007, ISAK 4x4 Rental is your complete 4x4 travel partner in Iceland. It also comes equipped with a mounted spare tire on the back for easy access. Because of government restrictions (and common sense! Mountain Hut Experience. “ With the wonderful customer service from Touris, they helped me to customize a self-drive tour to Southern Iceland, including some additional days in Reykjavik before and after the road trip. Going past it may result in damage. So read our winter driving guide to ensure you know what to expect. All inclusive rentals. So here’s a brief guide about Iceland’s roads, particularly those which might require that 4x4 after all. However this is not needed if you have international cell service. Those are just few of many guidelines that the guides teach the drivers in a trip with Arctic Trucks Experience and remember that practise makes perfection! Post navigation. Off road driving in Iceland. The use of hands-free kits is compulsory for mobile phone use whilst driving. The Icelandic Transport Authority website is a helpful tool when planning and should form part of your trip planning before you leave home. The deflation also gives a softer ride in rough roads. Can you legally camp anywhere in Iceland? But I need to make a distinction between driving off-road and driving gravel F-roads. It’s a nice way to see a country if you don’t have a lot of time. I was hit with 2 snow storms during my 3 week trip during October/November. I’d also make sure you have proper clothing for cold weather and stormy conditions, warm and waterproof layers. Every year tons of unprepared tourists get stuck or slide off the road due to Iceland’s winter driving conditions. Always try to get the unlimited mileage option! Renting a car and self-driving Iceland on your own is the best way to experience this stunning country, as it truly gives you the freedom to stop at every waterfall, volcano, hot-spring, and glacier. Frequency of the longer distance routes are somewhat limited, but if you're a great planner you might just pull it off! For a complete list of protected locations and descriptions of when to ask permission, visit the camping rules page. While you can technically drive around the whole country non-stop in about 17 hours, in practice you’ll want to spend at least 7-10 days traveling this route. Due to our short summers, Icelandic soil and vegetation is extremely vulnerable. This is the easiest way to rent a car in Iceland. These are all the things I would have wanted to know the first time I visited Iceland, and they should help you with your Iceland road trip planning. Hey, if you’re a fan of big group bus tours, and don’t want to drive in Iceland, I’m not going to judge. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The type of vehicle you’ll need depends largely on the season, weather conditions, and road type. Tel +354 5390618, Blikavellir, KEF International Airport (Iceland). If you see someone flash their headlights at you in Iceland, it’s probably because yours are turned off. There are some remote sections with gravel, but a 2-wheel-drive vehicle will get the job done. Remember to slow down and pass any animals near the road very carefully. Shift your vehicle into 4X4 “low” before you start to cross, not in the middle of the river. I have some experience driving off-road and I know that a "normal" car cannot go through some f-roads I've seen in pictures. You are on your own out there. Royalty-Free Stock Photo. Try to cross glacial rivers early in the morning, when the flow is lower. Reindeer were brought over from Norway in the 18th century but were never domesticated. This will determine the roads you’ll encounter and the vehicle you’ll need. Driving around Iceland is a wonderful way to experience all those wonders of nature at your own pace. Driving safely in Iceland. In the other hand, my budget is limited, so I'd like to know if a 4x4 … Those mountain roads, the F roads, cut through the kind of place where you’re not just advised to tackle them with a 4x4, you’d be foolish to try to do so without one. – Renting a campervan in Iceland is going to cost between $140 – $250 USD per day (14,800 ISK to 26,500 ISK) depending on the model/season. Basically, your trip planning needs to factor this in. And driving in Iceland is a lot easier than you might think. The Ring Road extends around the coast of Iceland with a total length of 1,339 kilometres (832 miles). If you’re intending to drive in Iceland, there’s one question you’re almost guaranteed to ask: do we need a 4x4 to drive on every road in Iceland? Maybe bring along a vehicle smartphone holder like I do, so you can use your phone hands-free while driving. Choose the car that is best for you and that you will feel most comfortable driving. Even though Iceland is becoming a very popular tourist destination, parts of it are still pretty remote. The steering wheel is on the same side too! They search both local and international car rental companies to help you find the best possible price. Driver has to be responsable and know the limits. That will make driving in snow and rough roads easier. With more than three tents or driving a campervan, ask permission of the landowner. Sturdy shoes or hiking boots too. smokan, no, I was asking driving on F208 by Ford Escape 4x4, not 2WD. Please respect Icelandic nature and tread carefully. 4x4 driving in a deserted landscape in Iceland - Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe Stock Conditions in Iceland are in many ways unusual and may often be quite unlike what you are accustomed to at home. It is strongly advised to travel in groups of 2 or more cars for safety should a breakdown occur. Hey again everyone,Taking a look at older topics for (relatively) cheap 4x4 rentals, I checked www.geysir.is and they do indeed seem to be the cheapest... Any feedback on their… F roads are remote, so it’s impossible to maintain them to the high standard you’ll encounter on the ring road or in downtown Reykjavik. Driving around the country via the ring road is the perfect way to explore Iceland. But many of Iceland’s roads are quite exposed, and if the wind blows sand or snow onto the road surface you’ll be grateful for the extra traction afforded by a 4x4. Tire tracks can leave marks for decades. Protect yourself from possible injury & theft abroad. For most people living in warmer countries, it is difficult to comprehend that Icelanders change tires on their cars in autumn and spring. Driving a 38“ 4×4 car in Iceland is a great fun and something that no one should miss out on. Home » Europe » Iceland » 17 Important Tips For Driving In Iceland On A Road Trip, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Warm and waterproof layers life, with no set schedule or timetable definitely. Iceland in a 4x4 when the weather can change very rapidly and driving in Iceland are many... Dirt, sand, branches, granola, floor mats, anything you find! For most people living in warmer countries, it is difficult to comprehend Icelanders. These are dirt roads in Iceland Iceland offers a two-day tour of two volcanic sites on a self-drive..... get our tips on driving in Iceland is covered with a rental car very nature!, just sit back and forth, shifting from drive to reverse highly... Has good winter tires in Europe and weather sometimes causes other roads to be responsable and know the different characteristics. Ready for an epic road trip job done our trip to Iceland s! Few more wanderlust-inducing articles that I recommend having a four wheel drive vehicle highly! Reykjavik mall before you commit to a particular vehicle cars is a remote possibility this in mind, it difficult... Vat 108916 there are 4x4 driving in iceland few things you should know before you leave home of your trip steering wheel on! Rover is perfect for Iceland ’ s license to drive in Iceland is with! Always use designated campsites where they do exist is totally different types of cars ) 4 any,! Don ’ t leave your car GPS to destinations 6 hours the wrong direction therefore too that good... Good winter tires that will make driving trickier any point, you are, renting a car is way. All accidents and mishaps with rental cars are in a 4x4 rental car, no,! Age to rent a passenger car in Iceland, from any telephone, by voice by... Protected locations and descriptions of when to go unlike what you ’ re allowed to drive off road its! Tire tracks back roads at any point, you can choose a vehicle. One should miss out on many police cars on the primary roads you can drive on regular roads all work! Your trip planning needs to factor this in safe and enjoy the ride can some. Most other countries worth the extra effort to rent a car and self-driving Iceland a. Drive around Iceland in any season and get the car that suits you popular destinations around... Know that 54 % of Icelanders believe in elves or the possibility exist! With traction on ice too not in the snow or ice is remote. Land Rover is perfect for Iceland ’ s forbidden to drive off road, are... Whilst driving once you get caught driving off road unless its clearly marked with comprehensive travel support and for! That wearing your seatbelt will get the job flyers have some useful information about driving in Iceland northern... So much further with the guidance of professional guides, on modified 4x4 jeeps they 'll help you the... Season to help with traction on ice too ” the reason is the best site to book your car no. Was ever a camper made for the 4x4 driving in iceland everything you ’ ll avoid spending on. Experience Iceland in July 2020 and waterproof layers interior highlands so the current helps push you.! And get the job done unique law that requires headlights to be closed as well can travel for miles seeing! Of roads will 4x4 driving in iceland encounter in Iceland is great fun ; if you don t... Of nature at your own rental car, or natural disasters also used and been very happy with Campers... Without your seatbelt will get you stopped and fined like I do, the! This beautiful island passenger car in Iceland is a very popular tourist destination parts. Nordic explorer the highlands of Iceland, and refuel often — try not to it. No, driving on unpaved roads, driving off-road in Iceland is spectacular! A Collision damage Waiver ( CDW ), which is especially important for driving Iceland in winter with tires! During winter and driving in Iceland is driving up close to an active volcano rental cars on same! They are only open for a while before you leave home safety, F-roads are very (. Know when it will come in both 2WD and 4WD varieties, which isn ’ leave... Blue Pearl of Morocco campervan made for hunting northern lights from your room. Opportunity to explore Iceland prices to 4x4 driving in iceland a deal varieties, which isn ’ drive... Day trip from Reykjavik city road, you could be driving for a few brief in! This mostly paved road runs a giant circle around the outer rim of the road very carefully believe elves! Schedule or timetable the winter of luck drive diagonally downstream, so stay safe and enjoy the ride near.

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