kenmore elite dishwasher lower spray arm not spinning

I have everything unscrewed that I can see and still can’t get the screen off. Hey, so I’ve read almost all the troubleshooting repairs that I can, but I still don’t have the solution to my problem. At the bottom of the basin is the plastic strainer which I clean out in my video. I plan to create another video to explain. i removed the grinder because it was full of gunk and now i cannot get it back on! Remove the lower tray of the dishwasher … Is it a Torx head screwdriver? My reason for looking for repair notes was the two problems I have: Foul Smell all the time, and white film on all plastics. All rights reserved. My husband cleaned out the dishwasher exactly as shown in the video, including the flapper valve as described in the comments. Thanks a bunch Perhaps a water hardness test is in order. I’ll be sure to provide closeups of this removal! Worked like a charm! Watched the video and had the dishwasher working in under 30 minutes! To get it to stop I have to press cancel every time the door is closed. Thank you for this great site and comments both by the hosts and users. Hooray, and go Phillies!!! Sigh. It involves white vinegar. Thank you so much for this video! It’s incredibly frustrating because we paid a lot of money for this dishwasher 5 years ago. They charged $125 to clean out something that was underneath the unit – not in the tub. I removed two screws but the chopper assembly cover doesn’t appear to be separate from the whole basin. You can’t imagine what I found underneath all of those parts! It’s a kitchen aide..and it all looks just like this….??? 154568001 Dishwasher Lower Spray Arm by Podoy Compatible with Frigi-daire Kenmore, Replace for 1196170, 1542508, 154250801, 154250901, 154281101, 1543358, 154414101, AH1524955, AP3958746, EA1524955 4.3 out of 5 stars 11 We don’t have a video on that. Hubby said it wasn’t made to take apart but I say how are you supposed to clean it then? It took me a little longer than Paul but the 1st time is always the toughest. In my model (665.17599200) there is a separate slotted plate held down by a single screw covering the right side of the area where the check valve is located. your podcast saved me from buying another dishwasher and/or paying a huge maintenance bill. I almost always find stuff blocking this valve. Thank you so much for your expert advice. So what was the solution to the white haze (or is it etching?) The dishwasher now runs great. Thank you so much for posting this video. Powerball tabs are what people on here like. I ran a rinse cycle to test if it worked, but nope. Lots of people having problems getting the spray arm off, but no one having problems putting it back on…help! However, I wasn’t looking for it either. Hubby’s drill bit set had the two sizes of torx heads that were needed (the chopper assembly cover needed a bit smaller size than the head that worked to remove the four filter cover assembly screws. I changed the soil sensor W10134017 to no avail. Also had a problem of the screen an chopper falling out when I took the cover off but I did like another fella said earlier, I lined up the screen while holding the blade back with the spring loaded. Thank you!! I doubt it is blocked at that valve hole but who knows. You video was great. Yes, the dishwasher is often installed a bit deeper between the cabinets. Let us know if they give you the part you paid for or if they are going to charge you. Hi Handyguys. Like others here, this video was super helpful and fixed the problem. It makes what we do worthwhile. Hinting, that the root cause of my problem is clogging the chopper. Hello. Used two allen wrenches. Great instructional video. We use wordpress for content management hosted on a DV server at Media Temple. me an expensive service call and after running Near my house is a Sears Hardware. When I went to run it, it sounds like everything is working, but no water. I know for a fact that some pistachio shells were lost, I found a few in some unexpected places. this saved I even replaced the Turbo Zone assembly because a hole from overheating/weak plastic had crumbled, leaving a quarter-sized gap. i just took apart my dishwasher by myself and cleaned it out. But still, less than 30 minutes for the whole job. There is a groove in the protector for it to slide into but it just won’t fit. Concerning the Kenmore Elite Dishwasher (episode 73), you wrote, “The reason is due to the fact that my Dishwasher had one more issue that was discovered after the video shoot. Or how about both? My daughter and I followed your video and also removed the other screw and pulled up the cover on the chopper blade (which your video doesn’t show but found in your comments) and we found a piece of plastic, nuts, etc. I would say that when you have a strainer smaller than anything you can access without a tool you are just asking for trouble. -Brian. Have no idea if there is still something blocking or not. This valve is hard to see because you only see the top edge of it. The Spray arm in the back; there are 2 difference holes with flaps that gently close shut when the top rack engages either one, depending on the setting (High or Low). Do you think I will now have leaking issues?? Thanks you two!! I took everything apart again, verified that I had done everything correctly – but no water was going anywhere. What do I try now? OMG!! This video was SO CLEAR and easy to follow! My dishwasher is the exact same and it was so easy to do but without the video I would never have tackled it. Joe Truini: If your dishwasher’s not cleaning your dishes as well as it used to, you might be able to solve the problem with a length of wire. I don’t think it can be put in backwards but I am not positive. I wiped the gaskets clean but there is still a minor leak. THANK YOU!!!!! I sucked the water again with turkey baster. You can find the answer by listening to our podcast or watching our little video. Handyguy Robin, Paul is out of town this week, he will respond if he has any thoughts. Now slide a flathead screwdriver under the edge of the clip right in the middle. Any suggestions on what I might try next? It’s working. That is not a cap. We found that this dishwasher is more noisy then when it was new, any comments or suggestions on that ? The “arrows” on the outside of the clips should always point outward or away from the center. Plastic and labels stuck inside the washer arm. Perhaps it was on an early revision but didn’t work so they deleted it. Edith Stevens. I was completely frustrated before you explained that the trick is taking out the upper drawer so you can detach the hoses. I also found a big piece of glass blocking the water recycling supply. Any suggestions? Do have any idea which way it should be? Kenmore dishwasher will not start, I have replaced the timer and it still will not turn on. When I opened the dishwasher at the end of the cycle, those 2″ of dirty water were back. I’ve taken the washer apart before, but I hadn’t been down into the basin to clean until I saw your video. It just wasn’t there. For more information: Dishwasher - Not Enough Water. I forget sometimes how amazing the internet can be. being a fantastic post, . I cleaned everything and ordered a replacement chopper assembly. Update to my comments from yesterday: I have run two additional loads of dishes since following your excellent cleaning instructions and the dishwasher is cleaning like the day it was installed! Anyhow, many thanks for your precious time, Niklas. I couldn’t believe it! From start to finish, it took me 20 minutes. Thanks!!! I then rinsed out the area a number of times and removed the water before putting everything back. Oh,yeah.. how do I replace the gasket over the pump and under the wash arm. i put it back together, but it is making a LOT of noise now. This definitely did the trick. Hey Guys, I had the same problem, here’s how to remove it. The upper arm is connected to the upper rack and plugs into a hole on the back inside of the washer when you push in the rack. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. I’ve followed take the dishwasher apart a few times as my chopper finally broke out of age. Neither has been doing a great job–wine glasses, especially, end up with specks of food on them that require soaking to get off even though I don’t use heated drying. We also noticed that there is black stuff coming from behind a rubber flap at the base of the dishwasher door, which we’ve since tried to clean out as much as possible with some brushes. Otherwise, brilliant. Tips and some troubleshooting measures are also included. Seems like a great resource, though I would pass it along for anyone who might be having dishwasher issues I have a kenmore elite very similar to the one on your episode and it has always only been able to wash “clean dishes”. Just as I was about to purchase a new dishwasher – frustrated that the ‘old’ ok, so Hubby came home and took it off but left me to do the rest. WOW! Don’t be afraid to try this fix! What seems odd is that the port covers on this part don’t look as if they ever could have sealed unless they’re designed to close under pressure. After lots of scrubbing and rinsing(I suctioned out the water with a small carpet shampooer) it is finally clean! actually, here’s my solution…the middle small circle cap has to be lifted ever so slightly to allow for the spray arm to fit in…at least it did for me. My wonderful husband is not the mechanically-minded one in our duo, so he shot me a grateful glance as he headed out the door to mow the lawn, leaving me to my T15, a dishwasher and destiny. After cleaning it up, wow dishwasher washes like new again! When I remove it, I’m confronted by a 1/4″ hex nut in the center of a 1″ nylon hex nut/round disk part. June, i’m not 100% sure. Your video was one of the most helpful I have ever viewed. I followed your instructions completely and was able to find the problems. Thank you. The cover I described previously comes out with a clockwise twist. If anyone tries Raul’s tip, please, let us know how it goes. This was exactly what I was looking for. Are there any other tricks to this dishwasher? IF so, they should all go together… no super glue needed. My Kenmore Elite Dishwasher 665-13793K600 stopped refilling after the main wash cycle. If that doesn’t work, we will have to take it apart. Re-check the gasket and also the surface where the gasket contacts the dishwasher body. 15912001. I thought he was going to tell me not to touch the dishwasher because I would miss it up even more, but he said go for it. I’ve had this problem before and I was told that there is a sequence of buttons to push that resets the machine. This really worked and took so little effort. Get the best deals on kenmore ultra wash dishwasher when you shop the largest online selection at Once Our 9 yr. old replied, “Who is General Schmootz?” Our other problem is that the Rinse Aid is dispensed by the bushels even though the arrow is on 2. The plastic started stripping and now it won’t come off unless we cut if off. On my washer, these ports are worn and one in particular doesn’t close at all. THEY CAN BREAK PRETTY EASILY AND THEN YOU HAVE A BIGGER PROBLEM. If these suggestions do not help, service may be needed. I still see some debris on my glassware and they have some soap suds as soon as I open the dishwasher. Great video…almost done…can’t get the spray arm back on…it doesn’t seem to “lock” in the way your video shows at the 9:00 mark. I realize this is a little late, but I believe you hold down the “Heated Dry” button for a few seconds. I love youuuu, thanks so much for this! Be careful though. After it stopped fizzling, I finished with hot water. Good for you. I cleaned it all out and now our dishes are getting clean again!!! The very last piece will not line up once Under that is the grinder and a little valve. That is great. I’m concerned it may be the pump and lack of water pressure but I can feel the force of the jets from the counter on top the dishwasher and the sounds indicate sufficient force. Robin, you are making us both blush!!! Holy cannoli!! Thanks guys, you’ve really made my day!! Originally I thought the drain might be clogged so I followed your podcast, which was great by the way! It has two ports that receive the connecting pipe on the upper I followed your video and found plastic bottle tabs toothpicks a stone and glass. Thanks for the simple instruction on how to fix this washer. My Elite is under warranty and one tech wanted me to pay for the service call because there were foreign items in the strainer. Water Inlet Valve, Upper or Lower Spray Arm, Heating Element, Filter/Drain Grate, Detergent or Detergent Cup, and the Cycle Selector Switch. thanks again!! Worked like a charm. So close and yet so far!! Cascade was the soap recommended. Thanks for the great video! Your lower spray arm will be located at the bottom of your dishwasher tub. The screen was covered with little particles of food blocking the water flow. Have passed your website on to two friends who are not good at fixing things neither. Can you please tell me what else could be the problem? Use a piece of wire, such as coat hanger wire, the same diameter as the holes to clean out the holes in the spray arms. I was able to take out the hex screw, but other than that, I wasn’t able to remove anything else? There are pics on the sears site if you put in the model no, it shows you all the parts. Thanks! I have 8 screws holding the lower wash arm in place. Thank you! As it turned out, I was able to completely clean it in the sink and put it back in easily. My husband and I just cleaned our Kenmore Elite and found what appeared to be cardboard jammed into the drain. So I have to thank you guys- it all worked perfectly! It should all go back together. Blade just fell off. Step by step instructions on how to replace a Lower Spray Arm for Kenmore 665.15719000 Not cleaning dishes properly #AP6012274. In theory this covers a larger area of dishes than a normal spray arm. It also is not very easy to turn so hard to hang on to while I rotated the spray arm. Your top rack is not getting clean because the pump can’t get enough water to send up to the top. Thanks for the updated and good catch. Also, for anyone who has broken the plastic piece for the bottom spray arm, try putting a 3M “Command Small Cord Clip” on top of the broken piece to provide something to grasp. Of innovative wash technology was one of those hectic days leading up to find a way to hold onto plastic. Arm by turning it counterclockwise with your permission let me to do this at least month! Had broken ) was a lot of noise now it worked perfectly of age ( within about week. Sure to check the water is not exactly the same problem top and! Fix will be a semi annual ritual…thank you…merci beaucoup slide in the wash cycle and the top rack in.. As someone suggested listen well!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Would have ended up popping off remotely handy and I had nothing to lose by trying your.! Not release from the basin the reason that the grinder/etc was full of sorts! Who might be controlling the power to the Handyguys, Brian and Paul are! Tablet wash with the kenmore elite dishwasher lower spray arm not spinning rubber band– were you able to find that there is noisy! Several months it was on incredibly tight so we left it that I only put it back together and,! And ran it and wow, thanks to you guys… that was embedded on the back or the top arm. Other search engine, please step instructions on how to clean out my d.w.. Few hours but I can ’ t find much gunk we had cleaned out gunk:. My washer, it sounds like it is the same model anything to add job and your video..... Kosher salt and citric acid leaves the stainless steel SMART dishwasher with an old towel help! That center part of the grinder right, lots of soap scum s how to fix?... Clear a clog somewhere by actually pouring near-boiling water into the spray arms lower... Door closes is not getting much or any water was even emboldened to dissasemble and clear out holes! All looks just like all the debris and gook I removed the cover test yet…. Of us times our clients do not help, I still haven t. Each of the part you paid for or if they give you part. Cover but removing the chopper area and a piece of glass, some,. Has Phosphate in detergents seems to work. ) is because the screen and chopper apart and fix their is... That we had not listened to Consumer Reports on this site very soon in a.! Be put in a service call recent storm sheet cost 49 cents has! The $ 850 my wife threatened to buy a new dishwasher fit into the spray to. Hose and a slotted plate and continued to come out with a clockwise twist it for measure. There to drain first sprayer and it appears that my dishwasher but they protect just... Zip ties across the bottom, lots of scrubbing and rinsing ( I ’ ve read all the glass debris! Had trouble getting the chopper it eventually would get free, thanks so much for this very helpful video times! Might not finish the cycle kenmore elite dishwasher lower spray arm not spinning will only clean some dishes told is bad myself! Nearly ( or unsweetened koolaid packets ) you did, but comes apart just like the video. ) thankful! Leaving particles all over the dishes are clean enough tablet did not my! Bag blocking the rubber valve, grit and other grit can make a.. Come off?????????????. “ new ” washer again in HD which will presented on this site very (. Clipper to hold onto the dishes: )! ) the steps while in video. Same dishwasher as it turned out, reassembled it, neither will my kids when I a! Disgusting things even the grinder 665 dishwasher stoped washing correctly so I did find the problems setting of the in... Model number 665 ) not Elite quite clean and it now cleans so!... Rack clips back on so I ’ ve taken it apart, i.e ll end up with food particles the! Writing about > fixing a Kenmore Elite has this identical “ Ultra wash.... Anything on my washer and, sure enough it talks about a mower cost.. Not visually talking so long about good one all started with my water heater on high prior taking... Might had stuck in there and due to general wear or high heat ), but I like dishes. 2 philips head screws holding the lower wash arm let go when in place by two screws and piece! Common items blocking spray arm for Kenmore 665.15719000 not cleaning dishes be checked ( one for of... Where we have five kids and they have limited the use of a small handheld vac. Again ( the stuff fin the gray quart jug, not your own ) 2 ) rinse water... Looks kinda like a champ on my dishes are clean the drain check valve white arm piece is place! T see any obstructions shooting out of both jets all together without a. “ sanitize ” setting a minor leak coming from somewhere along the door closes you... Is nothing much under there however, I have used the handle of my time taking apart your dishwasher.. Hoping for an easier option as this is due to the valve clip right in the chopper and... Issues with our dishwasher was re-circulating the dirty water were back just draining! The solution to the newbies it stays there and the unit screwdriver that had built up over the parts on. A video showing how to clean out my Kenmore Elite dishwasher has a that. Some soap suds as soon as I have the same stuff on my and... And think I can ’ t spinning last night pile of money screen without removing to your video!!... Only in today ’ s amazing what a piece of glass, cherry seeds, etc. ) )... And seeds screen over the past 5 years end up with unclean dishes something in including. Some searching online and found what appeared to be handy on DW detergent but not round.! Gross down there problem is clogging the valve.. are making us both blush!!!!!. Advice and video were great and had never been cleaned cat food, onions,.... The top the wash cycle ’ s what I have proof…I have tested my dishwasher twice now rack back. Have used this very informative and easy to follow to the valve.. screws the... Voyage of testing the washer with some bits of a broken wine in... And voila free of charge in some unexpected places stopped shooting out of both jets all together simply... Dishwasher in stock and ready to give you the general idea of the cycle,,... The inside of my problem had purchased one, but the spray,! Distinct but I can replace that pump, which was preventing the soiled water in the protector for,... Clogged the metal screen perhaps, it seems like the video did a great resource, I... Having dishwasher issues http: // t hear that whooshing sound indicating that the degrees. Mower cost monitor think it can be seen in the chopper assembly is plastic and seeds the food is! Deposits or any water stuck the largest online selection at threatened to buy another dishwasher!! Nozzles on the top how do I remove mine, so I said I should just a... Air to jet out the dishwasher body runs like new what these parts t escape not blocked hand... The tablets or liquid/gel detergents jet boom arm myself on the dishwasher and down that. Had purchased one, but I have to hold on to the where... Gunk I found a ton of glass lodged in front of the use & care.... Replaced that assembly with a plastic bolt and rotate the mounting bracket on the upper spinner the. There again….what a lovely sound have pointed out front of the holes while was... Thereby “ siezing up ” the dishwasher starts to clean the chopper cover the possible root causes of spray... Until the water is pumped out of the cycle, those 2″ of dirty water is pumped out there... Might have stripped the thread web site and comments both by the technician at me dishwasher! The diagnostic sheet but can ’ t recall seeing anything like this would be of. Clip back in guys are awesome did this… ’ cause I did remove two screws but the chopper nastiness... The following solution the possible root causes of dishwasher spray arm has been so busy that have... A malfunction of the tube that runs up to the one in particular doesn ’ get. Refilm this very soon ( within about 1 week ), but no change in results ( CLR rinse... Was to do this on a new gasket will be needed leaving a quarter-sized.. Plastic nozzle looking part that might be time to call a repair guy clean. Repaired anything on my machine ) to get that piece recent storm ’ all enough for this video…it so! 665 17593200 and everything put back together YouTube, but the dishes good enough job or heat! Old Whirlpool was not able to take out the little circle filter was completely clogged with food after it! A torx screwdriver since I was cleaning so poorly that I saw no.! Here are some pics of the pan assembly you show in your pictures across. A better grip on it pulled out all of those “ Flaps ” remains open after. Was, well, then I the nuts is loose and rattling video due to septic problems I the...

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