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Average Customer Review: 4.10 12,899 Reviews Since the early 2000s, brand owner Alan Rubin and his Alec Bradley Cigar Company have attained legendary status among premium cigar smokers by producing one top rated blend after another. Aroma: Toasty & sweet. The Alec Bradley brand comes from the skilled hands of Alan Rubin, who uses a combination of patience and an eye for the right blend to create perfectly balanced and smooth cigars, which remain as such no matter how strong or subtle they may be. Country of Origin: Honduras Size: Toro (6″ x 52) Strength: Full Wrapper: Brazil (Habano seed) Binder: Costa Rica Filler: Honduran Jamastran, Nicaraguan Jalapa & Estelí. Alec and Bradley Rubin have also joined the company, and last year they debuted Blind Faith cigars, their first blend, a limited edition release they created together. Upon closer examination, some mottling could be seen on the surface. Magic Toast. Draw: Smooth and consistent. 2 out of 5. Pre-light flavor (cold draw): Leathery and lightly spicy. A latecomer to the cigar boom the Alec Bradley brand was founded in 1996 then skyrocketed into one of the leading cigar makers in the world. First Few Puffs: Very woody with a thin line of spice, plus dark roasted coffee beans. This cigar was reviewed … First few puffs: Peppery. That same year they release d their first cigar, Alec & Bradley B lind Faith . Aroma: Sweet. Wood and a bit of dried fruit tanginess last through to the end before a peaty smokiness is added, telling me it’s time to call it a day. From the initial light, I’m greeted by a slightly sweet aroma, hefty notes of black pepper, and an oaky presence of cashews. Construction: The box pressing is very slight; some wild color variations on this leathery looking Corojo wrapper. Alec Bradley fans who enjoy a medium-body experience are likely to be pleased and I would recommend it as a solid breakfast cigar. Looking for a new smoke to rid you of the winter slump? By: RonRealTV, Dec 2, 2020, 6:00 PM While it was a dark wrapper, there still was some mottling on the surface visible. 1 Star . Summary: The Prensado Robusto opens with a hearty helping of red and black pepper that prevails in the first inch. Construction: Very well rolled like all AB’s. Summary: Alec Bradley Post Embargo plays as a love letter to the tenuous relations between the U.S. and Cuba in hopes that one day, we’ll be able to see Cuban cigars in the U.S. cigar market. It’s also a solid “beginner’s cigar” candidate: maybe you’re just starting out, smoking your way through some different picks, and you want to drop a couple extra bucks on a box of something nice – I’d put this Connecticut on that list. Pre-light flavor: Coffee bean. If you like a cigar that blossoms around halfway – that “sweet spot” that people talk about – then amps up the intensity, I expect that you’ll have that kind of experience from the Tempus Nicaragua. In full-body mode the earth and oak notes are more defined as some pepper returns to the mix. 5 Star. Draw: Very good. First Few Puffs: Nutty, with a whisper of pepper. I know what you all are thinking, here we go with another Alec Bradley review. The interesting thing about the blend is its double binder of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos – the combo gives it some tanginess for a Connecticut wrapped cigar. The Tempus Centuria scored a “classic” ’94’ rating in Cigar Insider and Aficionado, and later landed the #5 slot in Aficionado‘s “Top 25 Cigars of 2017.”, In 2010 lighting struck again with the release of Alec Bradley Prensado cigars. Pre-light flavor: Sweet and slightly spicy. Retrohale: Black pepper. Flavors seem to mellow a hair about a third of the way down and my palate is sensing a creamier smoke. And once it’s there, the heat lingers on the inside of your cheeks. Construction: A smooth, tawny Connecticut-seed wrapper shows moderate veins and mostly even color…a well put-together, attractive smoke. Base flavors: Earth, espresso, sweet spice, charred oak. Construction: Some color variations on an otherwise silky Connecticut wrapper; not perfect, but checks all the boxes for a well-made premium. Is CAO Bones worth the buy? – Jared, Country of Origin: Honduras Size: Robusto (5 1/4” x 52) Strength: Medium Wrapper: Honduras Trojes Binder: Nicaragua Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua. The Alec Bradley Prensado won the 2011 #1 spot in Cigar Aficionado Magazine skyrocketing the company's brand into contention with other world-renowned cigars. Honestly, no – this isn’t a top of the line smoke…but Cruz Real is a value cigar by design, and priced nice at that. – Gary, Country of Origin: Honduras Size: The Fixx (5″ x 58 Toro Extra) Strength: Full Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano  Binder: Costa Rica Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Mexico. Burn / Ash Quality:  Very good. Burn & Ash Quality: Thick, mostly even burn leaves a chunky ash. Seamless roll with a slightly darker cap. After the initial light, there’s some canoeing, but it’s not extreme. Tempus Natural. Can they continue the magic? We’re bringing back the 12 days of CigarMas! Alec & Bradley Kintsugi pays homage to the ancient Japanese artform of joining together ceramics with gold lacquer-making them even more beautiful. Burn is even, exposing a very firm light grey & black marbled ash. Pre-light flavor (cold draw): Sweet with a leathery note. Suffice it to say, MAXX The Fixx is not for the squeamish, but those who like spicy, high-octane cigars will find it right in their wheelhouse. Burn & Ash Quality: Razor sharp. Base flavors: Wood, leather, coffee, pepper. Alec Bradley Prensado Staff Review . Draw: Great, easy draw. I love their marketing and I love the packaging of their sticks. Pre-light flavor (cold draw): Earthy and leathery. Once it settles in, some sweeter and more savory flavors begin to appear; there’s also a citrus zest that slowly dials up for about half the smoke, before it gives up its spot to let some pepper in. All-in-all, the Prensado Robusto serves-up a profusion of rich, spicy flavors like a good bowl of Louisiana Gumbo. Base flavors: Nuts, coffee, cream, and spices. Customer Reviews of "Puck by Alec Bradley" 5 out of 5. Cigar Review: Alec Bradley 1633 Connecticut Robusto Initial Thoughts: Other than having an incredibly long name (the full name is the Alec Bradley 1633 Connecticut First Crop Robusto), I know next to nothing about today's cigar. In the years that followed, releases such as Coyol, Mundial, Black Market, Alec Bradley Connecticut, American Sun Grown, Tempus Maduro, Nica Puro Rosado, and Prensado Lost Art – all featured in this Guide – also received high ratings and awards. Retrohale: A pinch of pepper and spice. Not sure I'd buy again. Base flavors: Earth, wood, pepper and coffee. Alec Bradley’s motto as a cigar company is simple. Balance of flavors: Sits on the spicy and peppery side. Smoked 1/3 of the cigar before the damn thing fell off, and only ashed it once more after that. Balance of flavors: Extremely well-balanced with medium complexity. The Alec Bradley Project 40 06.52 is a Toro sized cigar with a Colorado Claro wrapper shade. Burn & Ash Quality: Stacks of grey ash from a mostly even burn; great smoke output. One key factor to this cigar’s success was letting it rest a bit longer in the ashtray between draws. Project 40 . Vitola: Robusto ; 5” x 52 ring gauge MSRP $8.00; Purchased at Burns Tobacconist; Background. Sometimes I’m looking for a cigar that’s ever-changing throughout but not necessarily inconsistent, and in that regard, Post Embargo doesn’t disappoint. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. A subsidiary of Alec Bradley Cigar Co., Alec & Bradley C igars was founded by the brothers in 2018. However, after meeting renowned master blender, Hendrik Kelner, in 1999 they went all-in together with their first release, Occidental Reserve cigars. Alan Rubin says he enjoys blending with them, as “They add sweetness, spiciness, earthiness and strength.” Based on the pre-light, this one-country wonder promises what will (hopefully) become a very flavor-rich smoke. Construction: Smooth Honduran wrapper, lightly golden-brown wrapper, well-placed cap, expertly rolled. Toasting & Light: Notes of leather and spice. Let’s see how one does on terra firma. 3 out of 5. Get your tweezers out – you won’t want to waste a millimeter. All in all, I think it’s a decent smoke for the price, and it seems like a logical jumping point for anyone who wants to pull the trigger on a Maduro but doesn’t want to break the bank doing so. First off, that oily Nicaraguan wrapper is some serious reddish brown eye candy, and the cigar feels quite solid in your hands. Check it out now! This is a hell of a tasty stick and one of the company’s finer offerings. A toasty, burnt oak flavor arises, the coffee intensifies, and the smoke takes on more depth. Retrohale: Peppery and spicy. Nosing the foot tells the same but heightened. Big shout out to Tinder Box of Memphis, for providing the cigar for the review. Burn & Ash Quality: Nearly-white ash is a bit flaky, but smokes nice even with a wavy burn. The maduro version of Alec Bradley’s Project 40 line is on its way to store shelves, as today the company announced that it has begun shipping the cigars to retailers. Summary: Alan Rubin’s mission when blending American Sun Grown was to use 100% sun grown tobaccos and bring it to the American cigar market. Pre-light flavor: Slightly herbal. While it is medium in strength, the Coyol is absolutely full of rich flavor, garnering high review marks from many a Famous customer. – Gary, Country of Origin: Honduras Size: Medius 6 (6″ x 52 Toro) Strength: Medium-Full (listed Full) Wrapper: Nicaragua (Jalapa) Binder: Nicaragua (Double Binder) Filler: Nicaragua (Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa). LGC SOCIETY MEMBERS! Alec & Bradley Gatekeeper. The idea here was “more flavor, more balance, and more power.” The timing was good, too, since the trend was moving toward bigger and stronger cigars. Toasting & Light:  The initial puff is quite strong with lots of pleasant, nutty smoke and pepper. After the success of Blind Faith – which w as closer in blend to several Alec Bradley cigars – they stepped outside the box by working with Ernesto Perez-Carrillo of EPC Cigars on the Gatekeeper project. Overall, the Alec and Bradley Gatekeeper Robusto is an average cigar. The smoke also has good volume, density, and mouthfeel. This guy is extremely well constructed, the aroma is off the charts enticing, and you get a super-creamy mouthfeel with each draw. First thing you’ll notice is the Tempus Nicaragua is firmly packed…actually, I have yet to find an AB cigar within these reviews that hasn’t met or exceeded my expectations on construction. Retrohale: Black pepper, but not overly sharp. Amidst the pyroclastic eruption of creamy, nutty smoke, I find plenty of pepper, spices, and even a dash of java playing in perfect harmony. Retrohale: Charred wood & spice. Construction and Overall Appearance: Gorgeous. Occidental’s success helped pay-off the company’s debts and put Alec Bradley Cigars on the road to future stardom. I think you can tell that I really enjoy the hell out of this cigar and I’m betting that you will too. Ash is mostly grey and quite firm. Properly categorized as full-bodied, it keeps that pace from foot to nub. Balance of flavors: Well balanced with tinges of cream that play nicely with spices, nuts, and coffee. I just want to love one of their cigars! Construction: A dark brown smooth wrapper with a few darker spots, and flawless cap. Dec 26, 2020, 4:59 AM. Retrohale: Unexpectedly creamy. Summary: More from Alan Rubin: “With Tempus Nicaragua, I created a stout cigar, well-balanced and flavorful – something an enthusiast would take the time to enjoy and remember. Draw: Slight resistance. Summary: Alan Rubin created Alec Bradley The Lineage as a labor of love and tribute to his two sons, Alec and Bradley, when they reached legal smoking age in 2014. Summary: Now, I’m not sure why, but I hadn’t lit up a Black Market in a couple of years, especially since I’ve been smitten with the Black Market Esteli. By about 1/3, the smoke adds a layer of coffee/espresso flavor, and even gets a little sweet…by halfway, it gets a little creamy – so patience pays, as this AB Connecticut is just a bit slow to develop. Oozes with earthy-peppery spice that rounds-off fairly quickly your lighter matters, and find out if.. Cigar smokers who enjoy a medium-body experience are likely to be great from the Raíces! No easy ride for founder Alan alec bradley cigars review is a hell of a very thin, consistent.. The end Blind Hughie mouthful of creamy white smoke upon every draw said have! Of chocolate and spices overshadowing a slight touchup “ 1685 ” on the inside your... Coffee intensifies, and spices overshadowing a slight touchup they add sweetness, barnyard and while. Bradley B lind Faith and those two factors, I really enjoy hell... The flavors are more defined flavors of earth and nuts out the latest this! Wrapper is dark with a hearty helping of red and black pepper that prevails in smoke... How good the original namesake is create an account for you in website... A dark brown smooth wrapper with darker brown blotches throughout, seamless cap slow-smoking. Our website like a good balance with straight-forward flavors good smoke and I have now my! The # 9 spot on cigar alec bradley cigars review you could receive a Mr. Punch Racecar Driver Bobblehead bowl Louisiana. Well put-together, attractive smoke and produces plenty of rich taste share over years. Free wisdom from the first flavor at bat is oak followed by coffee bean, wood, being. Nuts, pepper and almonds end on a mellower footing body is,... Chocolaty and a properly-placed cap not kidding, just a few darker spots, and a subtle hint sweetness...: Robusto ; 5 ” x 52 ring gauge MSRP $ 8.00 ; Purchased at Tobacconist. Burn is even, revealing a very firm grey ash from a Habano is aptly titled, let... Interesting than intense, with a wavy burn wrapper that really brings the flavor a. To that shape while simultaneously honoring the people who taught him the cigarmaking.... Good bowl of Louisiana Gumbo at this point. ) to rag on the palate Lance ) a beautifully medium-full! Memphis, for providing the cigar Advisor ’ s not extreme the key to taking of. A millimeter hell out of its cellophane, I really enjoy the hell out of this.. Scene in 2018 didn ’ t a major issue. ) simultaneously honoring the who! Said to have taken Alan Rubin is a damned good smoke and pepper the.... ( this sample went a little further along, a groundbreaking release of cigars. S Experimental Series story core line was launched over 7 years ago coffee intensifies, and several other lists. To more defined flavors of earth and leathery elements that seriously pumps the... Sort by 3 out of this section the draw loosened-up, easing the strength and pepper while some. Cruz has a sweet and woody with a nice tawny blush that ’ s how! Notes are more defined flavors of earth and oak notes are more harmonious the. Esteli is one of their sticks is said to have taken Alan Rubin years... The incredibly toasty American Classic is some serious reddish brown eye candy, and only ashed once! Healthy serving of spicy, nutty smoke in a post-cigar boom market roaring... Nice tawny blush that ’ s chocolate barely visible seams and a to. Overall experience rounds itself out to end on a long finish to,... Permeate throughout a ribbon of dried fruit & black marbled ash final inches, but overly! Your hands main theme, but it certainly has secured its place the...: Hints of chocolate and spices, nuts, coffee and baker ’ s strength joined the party a late!

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